Learn The System and The Process To Find Your Code To The EDGE.

What does it mean to CREATE a LEGACY?
That’s what every man wants.

Not just someone to carry on his name.

Not just memories and pictures.

But for his lineage to go on carrying the values and ethics that he stood for.

The problem is that most successful businessmen believe that their legacy can only be built through their business.

So they pour all of their energy into their business, and they leave their kids to learn their principles and values from others.

The reality is, while you want your kids to learn from you what it is like to build something from nothing, they are trying to be nothing like you…

Because all they see is how much TIME and ENERGY you spend away from them.

You expect RESPECT and LOVE from your family because off all the things you PROVIDE.

The nice vacations, the house, the cars....

But for some reason, that respect and recognition still isn’t there.

Ultimately, you start to feel like all you are to your family is an ATM.

You start to question whether you are a good enough father and husband.

Did you instill the values and ethics you wanted for your kids?

Will the legacy you worked so hard to build be DESTROYED?

Any man can have children.

Not every man can leave a legacy that he’s proud of.

When your wife was pregnant, you had such high hopes.

You daydreamed about being the perfect father.

You wanted to give your kids everything you didn’t have.

You were sure that you would find the time to have fun on the weekends.

You’d take them to the game. 

Watch them play sports.

One day, you’d see them get married to the love of their life.

Life has a way of not going according to plan.

You solve problems every day at work.

You're probably pretty good at it.

You find solutions for your problems in your business.

But you can’t find solutions for your problems at home.

Even though business is doing better than it ever has been, you’re more disconnected from your wife and kids than you ever have been before.

So you start asking yourself...

“What’s the point?”
“Is it worth it?”
“Do I deserve what I have?”

It seems that everyone wants what you have...

Except you.

You are not taking care of yourself and you are not getting any younger...

Your wife doesn’t look at you with the same passion she used to look at you.

Your children look at you as the bad guy who shows no emotions, instead of the man they look up to for guidance, and leadership.

Your relationships are not getting any better…
and you forgot why you’re working so hard in the first place.

Something’s got to give.

And you’re pretty sure it’s YOU.

Successful men think they have to pretend that they have it all together, when the truth is that they’re living in fear and anxiety.

I know this because I lived that lie for a long time.

I know what it’s like to mask your fear to feel numb to the challenges that you’re facing.

I hid it for a long time.

Then one day I couldn't do it anymore. 

I woke up with my then-5-year-old son standing over me.

I had fallen asleep on the couch, an empty bottle of tequila on the floor.

This was the father I had become.

I was SEDATING my pain and feeling NUMB.

This was the moment that I realized that I HAD LOST THE EDGE.

That day I made a commitment to do everything in my power to LEAVE a LEGACY that my family could be proud of.

That day I made the CHOICE to find my CODE to the EDGE.

The EDGE is the DRIVE, MOTIVATION and PURPOSE to face whatever challenges come your way and not hiding in fear.

It wasn’t easy.

It took me spending over half a million dollars to travel around the world, studying with monks in India, being mentored by personal development icons, and studying with hundreds of high performance trainers like elite NAVY SEALs.

It took me years to curate everything that I learned to sort out what applies to a certain type of man….

A man like you.

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-Raul Villacis
Founder of The Next Level Experience
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For over a decade I have trained entrepreneurs and high performers not just how to excel in business but in how to succeed in all areas of life.

To stop learning how to balance and compartmentalize, and start INTEGRATING the EDGE into everything they DO.

My journey started when I lost my edge.
I was a warrior in the real estate world. I did more by age 30 than most people do in their whole lives.
Then the crash of 2008 took it all away.

But I was still a warrior. Through hard work and persistence I was able to earn it all back.
I thought being able to bounce back from adversity was what it meant to have the EDGE.

But it wasn’t.
Even though I was on top of the world in my business, with a happy wife and two beautiful children at home, I was just going through the motions.

My problem turned into a PHYSICAL PAIN.
I went to a dozen doctors and specialists, and they all insisted that nothing was wrong with me and it was all in my HEAD. I did what every man learned to do when we are FACED with challenges.

I numbed the pain with ALCOHOL.

It lasted over a YEAR until I made the CHOICE to figure out what was wrong with me.
I traveled all over the world and spent over half a million dollars looking for answers.
What I found was EVERY MAN will go through this stage in their life.
It’s called the TUNNEL.

This is where you find THE EDGE.

I’ve spent the last decade working with entrepreneurs and high performers and teaching them my version of what I learned traveling the world learning from the biggest names in business, personal development, the flow state, psychology, and self-care.
Now is the time for you to create momentum in the middle of chaos.
All through 2021, I helped entrepreneurs learn how to build certainty and rebuild their business after being shut down.

My clients run 7-, and even 8-figure businesses.

The stakes are higher than ever, and failure is not an option.

I’ve helped give them the system and the framework to adapt to the new normal.
To find the opportunities to win when others are looking for excuses why they failed.

But at the same time, it can’t be done without hard work, the capacity to learn from failure, the emotional fitness to get back up when life knocks you down, and an unshakeable faith within you.

This is what separates those who DREAM from those who DO.
What separates those who REACT from those who ACT.
Those who SURVIVE from those who SUCCEED.
What happens when a man finds The EDGE?

Results brother. These men, plus hundreds more, have closed bigger deals than ever before. Increased passion and intimacy in their relationships. Plus they have made connections and lifelong friends within the brotherhood.

"I’ve set my intention to become a little better version of myself every day. Each day is an opportunity to reflect and be a better me. Strategies can change and improve as feedback dictates, but my Intention needs to be clear to me. I intend to reveal beauty in all its forms - through family, through work, through play, through my words, songs and breath. I want others to be able to see it in all its forms. I’m more conscious now. I can see a little better. I listen a little better. I’m a little swifter in my step. I approach the world more as King would."
Jamie W.
Real Estate Developer

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